MUSIC in the cart, our kind of golf!

The big question we have to ask the community......"do you play golf without music?"

The answer should be NO.

The times have changed. Whether you're rolling up to every hole with your favourite club song, 80's rock song, 90's rap song, modern country or a little EDM....let'er fly. It makes for a way better round and a way better time in between shots.

When you and a pal are chilling in the golf cart and a banger comes on, you naturally get fired up and realize it's time for the good times. Imagine sitting in a cart with your buddy in silence....NOPE not interested.

In the words of Madonna, "Music Makes The People Come Together," and she knows shit.

So, some simple golf etiquette:

1. When pulling up to the next tee, please turn your music down if another group is on the tee box.

2. Make your playlist before the round. It's your cart, you brought the speaker, pick what songs you want.

3. Never forget your speaker and charger.

Cheers Y'all,

Chip. Putt. Chirp.

- The Plumbs