Brand Partner Program

The Overview

“We’re looking to shed light on this demographic of golfer, and carve out a market to provide a sense of belonging to this hilarious, likely 3⁄4 buzzed, scrappy, good-times golfer”.

Plumbers golf is expanding. Simply put, the business is moving past what we’ve learned during our “Test phase”, and now progressing into our growth lifecycle. With that, we’re excited to initiate one of our more social development strategies. Bring on the Plumber Partners.

We’re looking to bring on a team of key individuals to help grow our brand at a local, and regional level. PG is seeking like minded Plumbs out there that resonate with our brand, and want to rep our gear. We need partners who are going to represent the brand at social events, point customers to our site, and most importantly; wear our merch on the course, on the patio, at the bar, and the lake.

The Program

We’re rolling out a program that puts our gear in the hands of influential, social, entrepreneurial golfers that love the social corners of our great game. Plumbs that seek out good times and want to share and grow the PG community.

This isn’t meant to be a job; it’s meant to coincide with your lifestyle. We’re not looking for this to be a chore for our Plumb Partners, so much as a by-product of their social habits.

What you’ll get:
  • As much Plumbers merch as you can use; hats, hoodies, sweaters, bags, shirts, toques, etc. maybe even some other goodies depending on what sort of promotions we have on the go with our vendor partners.
  • Opportunity to collaborate on new merch, design concepts, marketing initiatives.
  • Opportunities to earn-we’re going to give you discount codes, contacts, social opportunities to push our products. Every sale that comes as a result of your efforts is measured, and with that, you can earn. Whether that earning is regular income, more merch, golf gear, membership subsidising, etc. This will be expanded upon with successful candidates.
  • Social events- we’re a fun crew, with that you’ll be participating in team events (expenses paid obviously)
What you’ll do:
  • Wear our gear when it makes sense- hopefully that’s a lot. Obviously, we want to see you wear our stuff on the course all the time, we understand that’s not realistic. However, our gear isn’t made strictly for the golf course- we’re a social brand for social scenarios. We’ve noticed that when you wear our signature snapback hat in public, people will ask about it- we want individuals that can answer that question with some charisma.
  • Be active on social media. A big part of being a Plumbers Golf Partner is your activity online. PG is an ecommerce business, and with that we need team members who are active and engaged on social media, posting, tagging, commenting, etc. You’re a part of the Plumbers team- post about it!
  • Seek out opportunities to push our merch. Plumbers gear is the perfect tourney prize, auction donation, boys golf trip team gear. We want Plumbs that have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to see the brand grow. 

How To Apply

Send us a note!

There’s no minimum criteria. We feel that if you follow us on social- you can see what we’re all about creating a diverse community. If you think you fit the mold, if you’re part of this modern niche, then tell us about yourself.

Mobile friendly link to form: Plumbers Golf - Brand Partner Program